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I Choose to Be Self-Disciplined



Can you make a choice to balance what you want with what you need? Are you able to make a hard choice now because it will pay off in the future? Can you be self-disciplined? These are the kinds of questions 9th and 10th grade Crusaders faced today at the start of our Choices program at Brown University. This challenging program immerses Crusaders in a two-day, interactive decision-making workshop. Creative, thought-provoking activities teach them how to make choices that lead to academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. They learn how important it is to stay in school, manage money and time well, take charge of their lives, set priorities, and make a plan for the future. From right to left, Andrew Terrero, Mario Nestor, Passion Pereira, Jason Noriega, Moses Cruz, and Alexis Barera from Central Falls are all ready to take on the next assignment!

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