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Celebrating Our 2017 Salutatorians!



Michael Kodua ’17
Salutatorian at Shea High School
(Above with Shea music teacher Anne Lagace)

College Crusade advisor Michael Neal says:

If I were to describe Michael in 3 words, I would say he is goal-oriented, compassionate, and dedicated, as he has shown true compassion, dedication, and goal-setting and achieving. From the first week of the school year, Michael made himself a physical presence not only in my office and amongst Crusaders but throughout the school. Michael could be heard doing the morning announcements serving as “The Voice of Shea” while also being a captain on the volleyball team and serving as the Vice President of the Senior Class. Though Michael was busy with other commitments, he did not let this deter him from success in the classroom, as he achieved a 4.4 weighted GPA.

A highlight during Michael’s speech was the contrast he made between his family’s background in Ghana and the social struggles of being in America and immigration.

Michael will be attending Tufts University and plans to study biology and to become a physician or an anesthesiologist.


Kimberly Flores ’17
Salutatorian at Times 2 STEM Academy

College Crusade advisor Dwayne Clement says:

Three things to know about Kimberly is that she is driven, she is caring, and she is not afraid of trying new things. I am very big on students who get out of their comfort zone and take a chance on something they’ve never done before. You have to have the character, the interest, and the desire – and Kimberly has all that. She is never afraid to put herself out there. Even if there is a lot of work involved in applying for an opportunity, such as writing essays or long applications, if it will better her in the long run, she will take it on. And even if she doesn’t succeed at first, she’s not a person to give up. She always tries again. She has a never-give-up attitude.

In her speech, she congratulated her fellow students and thanked her family and the entire school staff for all their help throughout her four years. She encouraged everyone at the end by saying, “As students, and now as we cross the stage to become alumni, Times 2 STEM Academy challenged us not to just meet our future but to embrace it.”

Next year, Kimberly will be attending Rhode Island College. She is undecided on a major right now, but I know that whatever direction she decides to take, she will definitely embrace her future.


Esmeralda Tamup ’17
Salutatorian at Academy for Career Exploration

College Crusade advisor Chelsea Davignon says:

Three adjectives that best describe Esmeralda are empathetic, humble, and hardworking. One of the highlights of this year for me was getting to know Esmeralda. She is one of those students who not only pushes herself but spends a lot of time building other people up. She has a mentality that there is a lot of room at the top, and she goes out of her way to help others get there. Esmeralda is shy, but in Cru Club when she saw others and especially younger students struggle, she would put her shyness aside to help. Esmeralda is also the older sister of a junior here at ACE and she is an incredible sister. I am always impressed as to how much room Esmeralda has in her heart to make sure others are doing well.

A few days before graduation Esmeralda sent me her speech and I was blown away as to how insightful she was. She talked to her fellow students about how they are all coming from a small school and therefore college is going to be a wakeup call for them. But she encouraged her classmates to face that anxiety head on and push themselves. She challenged her peers to not only strive for good enough, but to strive for even better. She left them with words of wisdom like “We’re going to have to learn what we hate in order to learn what we love.” Esmeralda’s speech was not only uplifting for her classmates but for everyone in the audience.

Esmeralda’s plans are to attend Rhode Island College in the fall for nursing.

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