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Career Questions & Answers at Calcutt



Crusaders at Calcutt Middle School had a visit from Alexis Garcia as an afterschool career speaker this week on April 3! Alexis is a Crusade alum who graduated from Hope High School and is currently pursing two degrees in Sociology and Communications at Rhode Island College. He is also serving as Crusade communications intern for the Crusade this semester. He talked about his own experiences as a Crusader in middle school and high school and answered a lot of questions from Crusaders about what college is like. He also offered everyone advice about how to get the most out of their education:

Find out what you love to do and see if there is a career in it
Talk to each other about your career ideas and share what you learn
Focus on your education and find ways to enjoy it
Choose good behavior and friends who will help you make good decisions
Build strong relationships with the people in your life

Thanks to Crusade Advisor Elsie Palmieri for inviting Alexis to visit, and thanks to all the Crusaders who asked great questions!

Above, in the front row, from left to right are: Igor DosSantos-Monteiro, Jasmyn Cartwright, Diana Soto, Dianna Jimenez, Diego Matamoros, Elizabeth Romero, and Elsie Palmieri. In the back row, from left to right, are: Alexis Garcia, Neliza Centeio, Selvin Marroquin, Eric Ochoa, and Jonathan Canel.

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