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Big Dreams for All Our Young People



Andrew Bramson - headshot - DSC8907-EditA Message from Andrew Bramson, President & CEO

Like thousands of other parents in Providence this morning, I sent my kids off on their first day of school. It’s always so exciting when this happens.  Both of them were ready 90 minutes early, and I wished that I could bottle all of their energy and use it strategically throughout the year.

Like so many other parents, I have big dreams for my kids and the upcoming school year. I hope they are challenged academically by caring teachers who bring energy and creativity to their classrooms. I hope they thrive in buildings that are safe, supportive, and welcoming. I hope they find out-of-school activities that enrich and expand their time in the classroom. I hope they maintain friendships from years past and make new friends. I hope they can cross any barriers they encounter that sometimes keep people apart. And I hope I can adjust my own attitudes and expectations of how schools function now and erase the notions of how school was when I their age 30+ years ago.

This year The College Crusade will have a total of 29 advisors (12 middle school, 13 high school, and 4 college). The 4,000+ Rhode Island students who we will serve this year will trust us and depend on us. And we will continue to marvel at their ideas, smile at their perspectives, and counsel them through their hard times. For those 6th and 7th graders new to the Crusade, they will begin to see an organization working intensely to help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. For our returning Crusaders in middle and high school, they will reconnect with the goals that they have set for themselves in terms of grades, career exploration, postsecondary preparation, and future life ambitions. And Crusaders in college will come to realize the dividends of hard work, preparation, and perseverance and the value of having an advisor who is nearby to support them.

In addition to our 29 advisors, we have another 20+ full-time staff and dozens of part-time staff working very hard to organize and deliver programs, engage families, oversee admissions, analyze data, raise money, and manage all of the operations that are needed to have a highly functioning organization. We also have a committed board of directors that is smart and engaged and ready to tackle the challenge of whatever the future holds.

I feel so optimistic that this is going to be a great year for us here at The College Crusade. Best wishes to everyone during these back to school days!


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