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Bain Cru Club Is Inspiring!



What’s a seven-letter word that means “to stimulate to action” and “to motivate”? Crusaders at Hugh B. Bain Middle School in Cranston spell it out for you! Above, from left to right are Jennifer Fevry, Mileidy Urizar, Andy Chao, Noemi Pena (front row), Ashley Panadero, Mackenley Fevry, Ishi Lopez, Leyla Perez, Advisor Kayleigh Lagasse, Katherine Nuñez (middle row), and Christopher Teran, Timothy Khiev, Anthony Vargas, and Emily Vargas (back row).

In their Lifeskills session at afterschool Cru Club last Wednesday, they analyzed advertisements about food with Crusade Advisor Kayleigh Lagasse. They learned how food companies market products to children using celebrities, big portions, and special placement on store shelves. They even watched a video of a food stylist showing how she dresses up hamburgers to look extra delicious for the camera. Hint: she glues sesame seeds right onto the bun and uses straight pins to keep the lettuce in place!

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