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Advice to Crusaders: Anything Is Possible



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MS ed v2 IMG_3825Work hard, explore your talents, stay determined. Crusaders who attended Saturday Cru Club on April 16 heard a lot of helpful advice like this at our 4th annual Crusade Alumni Career Fair. A team of 32 Crusade alumni professionals spent all morning talking with 140 middle school and high school Crusaders. They spoke about their careers, their educational backgrounds, and how they prepared themselves for great jobs. There were alumni panels on STEM/Tech + Healthcare, Business + Arts/Culture, Law + Government, and Education.

Crusaders listened. Melanie, in grade 6, said, “I learned a lot about careers and I liked most of them and got inspired.” Angie, in grade 7, said, “The most important thing I learned is to never give up because the career you want can happen.” Raphael, in grade 7, said, “I was able to see how people succeed and what they did to be where they are.” Alani, in grade 8, said, “I learned about different careers and what you need to do in school to be able to accomplish your goals.” Angel, in grade 9, said, “It opened my mind to more opportunities and ideas.” Shanyescki, in grade 9, said, “I’ve learned new things today and was told things that could help my future.” Carl, in grade 10, said, “I found out that I need to get involved more.” Deane, in grade 10, said, “I learned that throughout college I might have a change of mind about my career. Also it’s important to do internships.”

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We are so grateful to all our alumni professionals who gave their time to share their college and career stories with students:

• STEM/Tech + Healthcare panel:
Dereck Mendoza ’05 and Sarah Richardson ’04, team leaders, with Natalya Rocha Alexander ’05, Jonathan Camadeco ’03, Cindy Cesar ’09, Richelene Cesar ’09, Alyssia Ramos ’05, Ramon Antonio Rodriguez ’09, and Myriam Surprise ’04.

• Business + Arts/Culture panel:
Princess Garrett ’02 
and Lydel Hall ‘03, team leaders, with Tolu Akinrimisi ’06, Hannah Alegbeleye ’09, Andy Deossa ’09, LuzJennifer Martinez ’03, Victor Omoayo ’02, Thomas Pouliot ’05, and Adam Teper ’04.

• Law + Government panel:
Saikon Gbehan ’01,
team leader, with Derrin Almada ’05, Anthony Antoniou ‘04, Caroline DeBarros ’07, Diony Garcia ’04, and Stephanie Gonzalez ’04.

• Education panel:
Bobby Britto-Oliveira ’01,
team leader, with Cherèva McClellan ’04, Keith Michon ’01, Maria Moret ’06, Lesly Porras ’04, Jessica Russillo ’03, Erlin Rogel ’08, and Wynston Wilson ’03

Thanks to CCRI Providence for hosting our event. Here’s everybody who came!

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