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An Advisor Remembers Her Advisor



Alexis Brown, the College Crusade Advisor at Classical High School and Textron Chamber of Commerce Academy, is a former Crusader. She graduated from Textron herself in 2001 and then attended Rhode Island College, where she earned a B.A. in Justice Studies with a minor in Sociology in 2006. Alexis has strong memories of the time she spent with her Crusade AmeriCorps Advisor in middle school.

 “Like most kids,” she says, “I didn’t realize how important my Advisor was until I was able to grow up and look back on how much she helped me. Stephanie assisted me with schoolwork mainly, but she also helped me open up and talk about my feelings in regards to personal issues that were taking place in my home. My parents were separating, and it was an issue for me because I was too young to understand. I became isolated and sheltered. I believe Stephanie was a big contribution when it came to lending an ear.”

Alexis continues, “Once I decided to open up, I couldn’t wait for the two times a week I would see her. She was nonjudgmental, and it seemed as if she really cared and wasn’t just listening to me because it was her job. I began to come out of my shell and once again become the friendly outspoken girl I once was. The best part of the story is that Stephanie and I still speak through the Internet, face-to-face visits, or our occasional lunches. I believe this contribution from The College Crusade has allowed me to stay on the path of success that I have followed so far in my life.”

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