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Amgen Foundation Supports Adventures into Forensics



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Many thanks to Amgen Foundation for a grant in support of our summer STEM program for Crusaders, which is hosted at Wheeler School. Above, Crusaders taking a class in forensic science pose with Jennifer Bianco, from Amgen Global Communications & Philanthropy, during a lesson on blood sampling. At back right is Bob Oberg, vice president for development & communications for The College Crusade.

Crime scene analysis, fingerprinting, blood typing, and other special skills of forensic science are a featured part of the curriculum for middle school Crusaders who participate in our Wheeler School summer program. Over the course of three weeks, they learn how to make and record scientific observations, sharpen their memory, and recognize the dangers of bias and selective attention. Students also direct, shoot, and edit a video and read and discuss a book together. This year they read Alane Ferguson’s novel The Christopher Killer, which tells the story of a young woman interested in forensics who gets involved in solving a murder.

Thanks to Amgen Foundation for its grant of $42,849, making their summer investigations and other College Crusade programs possible!

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