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Alums to Crusaders: You Can Do It



The big takeaway for over a hundred high school Crusaders who attended our fifth-annual Crusade Alumni Career Fair on Saturday, May 6 – Even if it’s hard, don’t give up. A team of 32 Crusade alumni from nine different career fields talked to students about their jobs, their educational paths, and their passions. Laiza, a 10th grader from Classical High School, said, “The most important thing I learned today was perseverance. To keep trying despite the challenges that come my way.” Oumy, a 10th grader from Davies Career Tech, said, “I learned that you can go through many careers or majors before you get to the one you love.” Lennox, a 10th grader from The Met School, said, “I was given a lot of advice that just made me feel better. It also motivated me more.” James, a 10th grader from Cranston East, said, “I learned that I have to push myself to get what I want.”

We are very grateful for all our alums who volunteered their time to inform and inspire students!

STEM + Tech: Dereck Mendoza ’05 (team leader), Jonathan Bolaño ’05, Christopher Calderón ’10

Arts + Culture: Lydel Hall ’03 (team leader), Andersen Deossa ’09, LuzJennifer Martinez ’03, Adam Teper ’04

Business + Organizations: Tolulope Akinrimisi ’06 (team leader), Hannah Alegbeleye ’09, Thomas Evans ’05, Princess Garrett ’02, Stephanie Olarte ’06, Neil Parrott ’04

Healthcare: Sarah Richardson ’04 (team leader), Natalya Rocha Alexander ’05, Michaela Bileau ’04, Karol Gaitan ’04, Antonia Kuti ’03, Bruno Lopes ’05, Alyssia Ramos ’05

Education: Bobby Britto-Oliveira ’01 (team leader), Gloria Benson ’03, Bryant Estrada ’09, Victor Omoayo ’02, Jessica Russillo ’03, Gianel Santana ’04, Wynston Wilson ’03

Law + Government: Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye ’02 (team leader), Derrin Almada ’05, Anthony Antoniou ’04, Saikon Gbehan ’01, Lisette Gomes ’04

Many thanks also to CCRI Providence for providing classrooms for our event!


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