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Alumni Career Fair Rocks!



Twenty Crusade alumni came to Saturday Cru Club on April 13 to participate in the first ever Crusade Alumni Career Fair. They talked with Crusaders about their careers and educational paths, and shared a lot of great stories about the interesting things they are doing. There were panel presentations on careers in Education & Counseling, Business & Organizations, Law & Government, Healthcare and Technology, and Journalism, Arts & Entertainment. Crusaders, can you remember which alum is a winning boxer? Which one worked for the Obama reelection campaign? Which one gets to blow things up for a living? Which one appears in a Batman movie?

A million thanks to all the alums who gave their day to inspire Crusaders to work hard and discover a career they will love: Derrin Almada ‘06, Gloria Benson ’04, Bobby Britto-Oliveira ’01, Andersen Deossa ‘09, James Diossa ‘04, Thomas Falowo ‘07, Saikon Gbehan ’01, Lisette Gomes ‘05, Lydel Hall ’03, Maura Iv ‘05, Moneca Kennedy ‘01, Anthonia Kuti ’04, Bruno Lopes ‘05, Dereck Mendoza ’05, Kevin Olasanoye ‘02, Leidy Olivo ‘05, Chanravy Proeung ‘04, Apryl Silva ’05, Adam Teper ‘04, and Wynston Wilson ‘03.

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