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Dear Parents,

All parents have great dreams for their children. When you enroll your child in the College Crusade, you take a giant step in preparing for your child’s future and making those dreams a reality.

The College Crusade provides programs and services that we know students need to be ready for college. As a member of the College Crusade, your child will be connected to a network of caring adults who have joined together to support young people as they begin to develop their educational career goals. Your child will also have the opportunity to form new friendships with other Crusaders as they learn how to succeed in school and in life.

I encourage you to read our Admissions Information page to learn about our benefits for students, who is eligible to apply, and the admissions process. You can apply online when you are ready.

We are excited to be partners with you. Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime – an early start on the path to college!


Andrew Bramson
President and CEO

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