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Dozens of middle school Crusaders packed a whole lot of work into two weeks by participating in the Rhode Island Write on Sports camp this month. Based at both Providence College and Bryant University, the camp offered Crusaders an opportunity to strengthen their thinking and writing skills while exploring topics in sports. Along the way, they got to interview collegiate and professional athletes and coaches, make videos about their stories, and hear advice from real sports journalists. There was also a group visit to McCoy Stadium, of course.

“All the students come up with their own ideas for stories,” says camp director Steve Krasner. “They get practice in the process of writing. They brainstorm their idea and figure out what angle they want to take, and then they research it. Once the research is done, they do a first draft, then revise it, then write more, then revise more.”

David Muralles, a 7th grader from Providence, wrote about the use of the Video Assistant Referee in soccer. “My favorite part was doing the research,” he says. “Wandering around on the internet and looking for different sites and facts was interesting.”

Heidi Morales, also from Providence, wrote about gender inequality in soccer. “There is a wage gap in women’s versus men’s soccer,” she says. Heidi’s research took her to articles in the New York Times, CNN, and Money.

“Writing is hard work, and there’s always a deadline you have to meet,” says Franchesca Francisco from Cranston. “It’s time consuming and energy consuming.” In her research, Franchesca uncovered a little-known competitive activity – her story is called “Is Sleeping a Sport?” According to some people, it is!

Many thanks to the staff of Rhode Island Write on Sports for giving our students a great workout in writing this summer. You can see more pictures on their Facebook page.

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