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2010 Senior Elvis Huertas



Graduating this year from: Blackstone Academy. Favorite subject: Math and science, chemistry in particular. “It’s so interesting how two chemicals can react to form another substance that is different from both of them.” Senior project: Researching how to help U.S. students improve their scientific literacy and assistant teaching a 9th-grade biology class. Recent accomplishment: Getting into Northeastern University, one of his first choices for college. “I’m excited about their co-op program in experiential learning.” His other first choice: Stonehill College. What he plans to study: Sciences. “If I decide to go into research, I’ll need to get my Ph.D.” Recent challenge: Serving as a teacher assistant for the Spirit program at Blackstone, where he created a lesson plan in criminology for students in grades 7-9. Favorite Crusade program: Spirit. He also teaches: Martial arts. Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Don’t slack off. If you do, you’ll fall behind, and some of your options will close up.” What he looks for in a friend: Trust, reliability, common interests, being able to take a joke. Biggest unknown about college: How hard the classes will be. Not knowing anyone. How the teachers will teach. Dream job: Cancer or AIDS research, drug development. Secret fascination: Weapons design. What he does for fun: Playing the piano, graphic design, cooking, hanging out with friends.


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