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2009 Senior Luis Monroy



Graduating this year from: Central High School. Plans to attend: University of Rhode Island. Wants to study: Marketing and sales. Favorite subject: English, especially writing persuasive essays. Recent essay on: “Layers of Evil” in Shakespeare’s Othello. Will start in June: URI’s Talent Development program. Latest accomplishment: Performed his poetry in an adult slam competition at AS220 and won 4th place. Latest challenge: Captaining Central’s football team through a tough season. Also captain of: His indoor and outdoor track teams. Favorite Crusade program: “The High School Career Expo this year was really good. People came and talked to us about what it’s like to work in different careers. I met one of the speakers, and he invited me for a day of job shadowing.” My Crusade Advisor: “He helped me with a lot – like getting my FAFSA filed on time.” Leadership tendencies: Gets his own stuff done early. “So after that I can help everyone else.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Try and mature as much as possible. Get out of the middle school frame of mind and smarten up. Don’t be lazy. Colleges are looking at your grades.” Biggest unknown about college: Staying up late at night to cram for tests. Dream job: “Doing something and having everyone know me for it. Being someone who makes a big difference.” What he looks for in a friend: “Someone with a sense of humor but who knows when to buckle down.” What he does for fun: Outdoor activities of all kinds.

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