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2009 Senior Julio Cabral



Graduating this year from: William J. Davies Jr. Career Technical High School. Plans to attend: Suffolk University. Wants to study: International business and computer engineering. Favorite subject: U.S. history. “I like to know about the past and how it reflects on the future, and how we can learn from the past.” Senior project: Building a tutorial program for Second Life. Latest accomplishment: Being a presenter at the Getting to College Conference this year and advising Crusade juniors who are just beginning their applications. Also is: A member of the High School Crusade Advisory Board. Favorite Crusade programs: Bridge to Success at Roger Williams University and the three-day summer Career Exploration Program in technology at Johnson & Wales University. My Crusade Advisor: “He likes to interact with us and know about us. He has helped me more than my guidance counselor and keeps me motivated.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Don’t go into situations too quick. Think it through first. Don’t live with regrets.” Biggest unknown about college: “Tuition cost and the reality of the college experience.” Dream job: Working as a computer engineer with businesses all over the world. What he looks for in a friend: Honesty and respect. What he does for fun: Community service work with the Crusade. Making music and singing, learning how to dance, playing basketball.

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