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2009 Senior Jonathan Aponte



Graduating this year from: Woonsocket High School. Plans to attend: Community College of Rhode Island. Wants to study: Business. Favorite subject: Math. Latest accomplishment: Starting his own line of clothing called Breakin’ the Mold. “I believe society has molded people to be a certain way, and I feel called to let people know they don’t have to be that way, to give them their freedom back.” Where he does his art: In the silkscreen studio at Riverzedge Arts Project. Also is: A member of the High School Crusade Advisory Board. Favorite Crusade program: Crusade Summer Experience. My Crusade Advisor: “I can go to him when I need advice about anything, even if it doesn’t have to do with school.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “High school life is fun. There are a lot of good things going on, but take care of your stuff, not just your social life. Don’t procrastinate with your work.” Biggest unknown about college: “How my classes and teachers will be.” Dream job: “Owning my own clothing business and having it go big, doing what I love and getting paid.” He also thinks about opening a dance studio for young people. What he looks for in a friend: “Definitely honesty and loyalty. Someone who likes to have fun but knows when it’s time to be serious.” What he does for fun: Dancing. Writing and making music.

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