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2009 Senior Hannah Shaw



Graduating this year from: Central Falls High School. Plans to attend: University of Rhode Island. Wants to study: Marine biology. Favorite subjects: Oral communications and French 4. Is proud of: “How our senior class came together over the past year.” Favorite Crusade program: Bridge to Success at Roger Williams University. “We stayed on campus for a week during the summer and had SAT classes and workshops in reading and math. I met a lot of new people and saw what college was like.” My Crusade Advisor: “She helps me with so much – questions about teachers, applications, financial aid information. She is honest with me and always makes sure she knows what is going on in my life.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Start projects early and stay on top of your schoolwork. Treat high school as an opportunity to make a fresh start.” Biggest unknown about college: “How classes will be. I need to learn how to study really well.” Dream job: Working for SeaWorld with killer whales and doing animal training. What she looks for in a friend: “Honesty, dependability. Someone who is outgoing and keeps me in a good mood. And my parents have to like them.” What she does for fun: Listening to all kinds of music.

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