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Erlin Rogel ’08


Erlin Rogel ‘08

erlin rogel bw v2Erlin Rogel ’08 (Classical High School) graduated from Roger Williams University in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science. “I majored in poli-sci because I wanted to learn about the structure and function of government,” he says. “In high school, I enjoyed my history and government classes and wanted to embellish on that.”

Erlin is currently is a second-year student at Roger Williams University School of Law. Eventually he hopes to use his legal degree and knowledge to help advance educational reform in Providence, where he grew up.

This summer, Erlin is interning at Rhode Island Legal Services, which is a nonprofit law firm that specializes in helping indigent clients. “I conduct legal research and writing for the attorneys in the Housing Department, who defend our clients in eviction and foreclosure proceedings,” he says. “What I love most about my internship is that I get to give back to the beautiful community that helped raise me. Clients frequently cry and express the purest of gratitude to me because too often we are the only organization they can turn to. RILS provides advocacy for those whose voices sometimes go unheard in a justice system that is blind but not deaf to louder and more affluent influences.”

Erlin describes his college years as a meaningful time when he discovered what was important to him. “The best thing about my college experience was my coming of age,” he says. “I learned to accept myself and thereafter love myself. I narrowed my focus in life and defined my purpose for pursuing higher education. I am an educated poor man and I want nothing more than to uplift my city.”

The College Crusade scholarship he received was a big help. “Being financially independent, as a lot of inner city students are when they get to college, the College Crusade Scholarship eased the financial burden of having to pay for textbooks and my living expenses. College can be, and was, expensive, and I’m grateful for every penny of aid I received,” he adds.

Erlin values the time he spent as a Crusader. “My experience was enriching,” he says. “Most importantly, The College Crusade demonstrated to me that there are people and organizations that care. It also kept me off the streets and out of trouble. It provided my mom with hope that there would be a successful future after high school for both my brother and me.”

In his free time, Erlin enjoys listening to music, especially Jay-Z. He writes poetry and every so often manages to find a quiet spot to just be. “I like escaping to scenic locations and immersing myself in the ebb and flow of nature,” he says.

For the past few years, Erlin has worked part-time for The College Crusade. “I have been a mentor at CAAP and an instructor for Cru Club and Ways to A’s,” he says. “Honestly, my most favorite jobs ever.” He offers this valuable advice to Crusaders who are starting college in the fall: “Mark Twain once said, ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.’ Pay attention to the signs.”

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