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Tolulope Akinrimisi ‘06


tolu akinrimisi4Tolulope Akinrimisi ’06 (Classical High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2010, with a B.S. in Applied Economics and a B.A. in Communication Studies. “Weird mix, I know,” he says. “I picked Applied Economics because I wanted to have a rigorous, technical background when I entered the workforce. My Communication Studies classes really prepared me to work within small groups, helped me hone my interpersonal skills, nearly perfect the art of presentation, and surprisingly enough, become a more talented writer.”

Tolu has interned with two financial advisors and worked on a trading desk. He recently accepted a position with U.S. Trust, Private Wealth Management, as a Portfolio Oversight Associate in a new team the company is putting together. “I will be assisting the Portfolio Oversight Managers in reviewing the investment strategies of our trust clients in addition to doing asset allocation monitoring/rebalancing, and making sure the accounts are up to date with compliance reporting,” he says. “What I like so far is I am learning even more about investments and asset classes.”

Tolu has good memories of his time as a Crusader. “Overall, it was a very positive experience,” he says. “It definitely helped that my mentors and I were from the same neighborhoods, since it made relating so much easier. All the afterschool programs I did in elementary school really enforced the value of education and why it is important to attend college. One person who made a difference for me in high school was Monique Conway. She helped with big things like my college essays all the way to little things like talks in her office. Later on she would check up on me to make sure I was adjusting to college life and would suggest tips whenever I approached her about a problem. So, thanks, Monique!”

He also had a good experience in college. “The best thing about college was the opportunity to build lifelong connections with people I thought I did not have anything in common with,” he says. “I also had opportunities to lead events on campus.” Tolu is very grateful for the College Crusade scholarship he received. “It made college way more affordable,” he says. “Thanks, guys!”

Currently Tolu spends most of his free time studying to attain the right to use the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation. “But I also read a broad range of genres, from business/economics to political science to philosophy to sci-fi/techno-thrillers and fantasy,” he says. “I also like learning about nature, climate change, and clean tech investments.”

Tolu offers practical and upbeat advice to high school Crusaders who are getting ready to start college. “Try not to slack off on your general education classes,” he says. “It’s a lot harder to pull up your GPA in your last year of school than it is in your first year or two. Pick a major you like, but don’t be afraid to take a class or two on a subject that you have genuine interest in or are curious about. College is the time you learn about yourself A LOT. You’re away from home, in a brand new setting, meeting new people from different walks of life. Don’t be afraid to just throw yourself out there. You never know what may happen. And lastly, don’t let the setbacks or bumps in the road deter you from your goals. I promise you, at the end, the achievement will be that much sweeter, and if you’re lucky you’ll have a funny story to go along with it.”

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