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Thomas Pouliot ’05


Thomas Pouliot ’05

thomas pouliot3Thomas Pouliot ’05 (Classical High School) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2009 with a B.S. in Management and a B.S. in Marketing. “I chose this degree path because I wanted something that would be flexible for choosing different careers,” he says, “since I didn’t have a set career path in mind while in college.” The flexible double major has served him well. Thomas currently works as Quality Systems Consultant for HP Enterprise Services in Warwick. “The work is rewarding and can be challenging at times, which keeps me motivated,” he says. In his previous position, he worked as a supervisor for a Maryland-based company that assisted people with pharmaceutical coverage.

While he was living in Maryland, Thomas decided to pursue an MBA in Project Management from Strayer University. He is completing his remaining courses online. “I chose to go back for more education because I think it will help me continue to develop in my career and find new opportunities,” he says.

Thomas values the relationships he developed as an undergraduate at RIC by getting involved with campus groups. He served as a multicultural liaison and a member of Harambee and participated in a number of leadership programs. “The people in these groups became very close,” he says. “The relationships I built were the best thing about my college experience, so I definitely encourage everyone to do the same.”

Thomas appreciates his experience as a Crusader. “When I was younger, I didn’t really consider the difference that being a Crusader had on me,” he says. “I remember having fun on a Saturday, but I didn’t connect how important it was to learn to work with others effectively, have adults to look up to, and have a positive influence help guide my way. When I got to high school, the positive impact on me became clearer with all of the assistance in selecting and applying to colleges, which was invaluable.”

In his free time, Thomas enjoys watching and playing basketball, football, and soccer. He has also gotten into woodworking and home improvement and is learning to brew beer. He is a volunteer mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State and is a member of the College Crusade Alumni Association board of directors.

His advice to Crusaders who are just starting college is to keep up the good work and get involved. “You are almost there,” he says, “don’t stop yet! Stay focused these next few years. I lost focus and had a tough first year and needed to play catch up the rest of my time on campus. Also, be as involved as you can. The best part of college is the partnerships you make and friendships you cultivate throughout. Participation is important. Managers have always been more interested in the extracurriculars on my resume than anything else, so it’ll make a difference when you start applying for jobs.”

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