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STEAMM = Science + Tech + Engineering + Art + Math + Manufacturing



girl at jigsaw v2 IMG_3492
boy in go cart v2 IMG_3485An excited group of high school Crusaders spent the entire week of spring break immersed in Mechatronics, a STEAMM program designed by the Center for Dynamic Learning in Providence. Lead instructor Kevin Cunha, PE, guided them through dozens of hands-on experiences in:

  • Working with electrical power systems
  • Dismantling and reassembling go-karts
  • Retrofitting motors using tools for drilling, tapping, grinding
  • Using power tools and machinery (band saw, drill press, chop saw, table saw, etc.)
  • Building wooden catapults and testing projectiles
  • Making see-through slime, polymer snow, and color-changing worms
  • Learning about the firing of neurons using an energy tube and fiber optic lighting
  • Cutting acrylic plastic (drilling, trapping, heating, forming, welding, bending) and making acrylic helixes
  • Plastic welding of PVC pipe
  • Go-kart driver training and safety

boy with go cart v2 IMG_3483By the end of the week, many participating Crusaders expressed interest in pursuing a STEAMM career in the future and said they enjoyed the opportunity to be creative in making and building so many different kinds of things. We thank the Center for Dynamic Learning for leading our students through a week of new experiences. And thanks to high school Advisor Marlene Martinez for taking photos all week. More photos below!

5 boys with go cart v2 IMG_3484

girls fixing go cart v2 IMG_3482

kevin demo with girls v2 IMG_3494

room shot IMG_4029

close up IMG_4057

tools v2 IMG_3466

go cart team boy x600 IMG_4066

go cart team girl x600 IMG_4070



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