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Sotheavy Chhin ’08


sotheavy chhin2Sotheavy Chhin ’08 (Hope High School) graduated from Roger Williams University in 2012 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. “I studied engineering because I know that the future is going to be paved by technological advances,” he says. “As an engineer, I strive to make lives easier, safer, and just more awesome with the application of science and math.”

Sotheavy is employed as an engineer with Chase Machine and Engineering, based in West Warwick. “I help design material handling machines that produce products that are revolutionizing industries that the products are marketed to,” he says. “I love that at this company I get to experience in full with what it takes to produce machinery, from design work, to detailing parts, to assembling, and finally troubleshooting.”

Sotheavy’s experience as a Crusader set him on the right path from an early age. “The Crusade program was a very important program for me growing up,” he says. “It helped enforced the necessity of obtaining an education. In high school the college tours submerged me temporally in college life. Talking to college students and seeing how passionate and how driven they were to better themselves made me more motivated to do the same. I cannot begin to praise my Crusade Advisor Kalomo Vanterpool enough,” he adds. “He was there to support me through it all. He urged me to participate in everything I could and kept me on track when it came to applying to schools. He even made me apply to Roger Williams, despite my uncertainty.”

While he was enrolled at RWU, Sotheavy found a way to pay that good counsel forward. “My favorite college experience would be my participation in an organization called Bridge to Success, which mentors and tutors students in high school throughout Rhode Island during the academic school year,” he says. “The same program offered an SAT camp whose enrollees were predominantly College Crusade students. It was a phenomenal feeling helping students who are in the very same shoes that I was in less than four years ago.”

Sotheavy also appreciates the College Crusade scholarship he received. “It essentially made the difference between me living on campus or commuting from home,” he says. “My college experience would not have been anything like what it was if not for the Crusade scholarship.”

For Sotheavy, work is very enjoyable and rewarding. “I find myself having very little free time,” he says. “Working has essentially become my life. I can’t be any more happy that I picked a field that I am very passionate about.” Downtime finds him reading, playing music, camping, or going to the gym.

Sotheavy has a storehouse of great advice for Crusaders starting college in the fall. “Make sure you introduce yourself to your advisor/counselor,” he says. “They are a wealth of information and will help you get through your next four years. Join clubs and organizations, because that’s what you will miss most about college. Do your homework the moment it is assigned. It so much easier to do when the information is fresh in your mind and will help you have more free time for the things you love. Learn to love coffee.”

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