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Sarah Vanover ‘06

sarah vanover2Sarah Vanover ‘06 (Central Falls High School) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2014 with a B.S. in General Business Administration and a minor in Psychology. “I fell in love with business management because of my mother,” Sarah says. “My mother owned and operated several businesses, and as I grew up in that environment, I began to develop a passion for learning new management skills and strategies.”

At RIC, Sarah expressed her entrepreneurial talents right away. As a freshman, she cofounded a student organization called Women of Color and was fundamental to its leadership throughout her college career. “It allowed me to branch out and be a part of something that was bigger than me,” she says. Her ideas keep coming. “During my free time I am volunteering or developing strategies to better serve the people in my community,” she adds.

Sarah is also putting her skills and strategies to great use these days as Development and Alumni Development Assistant for The College Crusade. She works with our Development and Communications staff to help grow our alumni base and support activities undertaken by our alumni board of directors. “I love working with Crusade Alumni and creating various opportunities for Crusaders to give back to the organization,” she says.

Sarah notes the support and encouragement she received as a Crusader. “My Crusade Advisor, Jessica, had a significant influence on my life at Central Falls High School,” she says. “She nominated me for an award, which I won, and I was very grateful for her guidance during those formative years of my life.” The recognition Sarah received, called the Dr. Americo Petrocelli Crusader Excellence Award for 2006, was named after the founder of The College Crusade. Sarah is also grateful for the support of a College Crusade scholarship. “I didn’t have to take out many loans because I received a scholarship for four years, and now I have very little debt after college,” she says.

When she thinks about advice for Crusaders getting ready to start college, Sarah is characteristically philosophical. “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself,” she says. Wise words to live by.

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