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RISD Program Opens the Door to Photography as Art + Science



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computer shot3High school Crusaders attending RISD’s Project Open Door this summer made their own camera obscura, experimented with shutter speed, and created PhotoShop self-portraits. It was all part of a weeklong class called “Photographic Imaging from 400 BC to 2016: An Artistic and Scientific Journey.”

For Aniekan and Aniebiet Okon, 10th graders from Classical High School, the session on drawing with light was exciting. “This program is helping me gain more knowledge about how cameras work,” said Aniekan. “We are learning how to take better pictures.” His brother agreed. “I’m curious about photography,” said Aniebiet, “and I’m learning new art techniques that I didn’t know existed.”

During the week, teaching artist Scott Lapham and teaching assistant Jonathan Chamberlain guided students daily through hands-on experiences with photography and gave students practice in seeing as a photographer.

“I like to capture subjects in their natural state,” said Nicole Benitez, a 10th grader from Highlander Charter School. “When you look at a photo it’s like looking through the eyes of another person. You are able to see things from a different perspective than what you’re used to. I’ve been interested in photography and art ever since I was young,” she continued. “My mom always told me I had a talent in the arts but it was this program at RISD that helped me get more involved with photography.”

Many thanks to Rhode Island School of Design and Project Open Door for teaching Crusaders new ways to see. Here are some samples of their work!

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