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Story by Patience Adegboyega ’16

Did you know you can make a camera out of cardboard and tape? For a week at the Rhode Island School of Design, high school Crusaders attending RISD’s Project Open Door learned the science behind the cameras they carry around through their smartphones and other devices. Under the instruction of Scott Lapham, Crusaders made pinhole cameras while learning how to create images using light and darkness. As the week progressed, they learned more about the ways through which modern photography was influenced by paintings, and got their hands into Photoshop.

You can see what they created in this really cool online album. It includes images they made and shots of them at work. (Thanks to Edwin Pastor for the first two photos on this page and for documenting their process throughout!)

Why did they want to learn about photography? For 10th grader Emmanuel from Times2 Academy, it was all about the opportunity to learn something new. For other students, the course was a chance to make new friends and learn about teamwork and communication. Still others, such as rising 12th grader Elizabeth from Evolutions High School, had specific goals. For her senior project, Elizabeth wants to take pictures of places she’s been to, as a way to document how she became who she is – and she knew that learning about photography would be beneficial to her project.

Whatever their reason for spending a week immersed in composing shots, taking pictures, and manipulating images, everyone who participated will never look at cameras the same. Special thanks to Scott and RISD for teaching Crusaders how to see the world like photographers!

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