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Parents: Foster Your Child’s Success in School



Parents and families of Crusaders have a lot to choose from in our Family Engagement program this year. In partnership with a grant project at the University of Rhode Island, we are offering a series of informative workshops on student transition to middle school and high school, educational terminology and policies, the importance of family respect and affirmation, how to build student self-awareness and competence, and how to handle peer pressure and bullying.

Upcoming workshop topics for parents of Crusaders are:

January 27: Structure Versus Nurturance
March 16: Social and Emotional Development
April 7: Challenging Issues of Parenting

Workshops are held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at our office in Providence.

The Crusade Family Liaisons play a huge role in presenting the workshop material and making sure workshops are effective for our parents. A week or so before each workshop, they meet for focused training with Marilyn Martin, a specialist from URI’s USDA Cooperative Extension Children, Youth & Family at Risk program.

Led by our Family Engagement coordinator, Carolyn Beltran, our dedicated Family Liaisons are Linda Barros, Celia Bravo, Juana Palanco, Maria Perez, and Enma Velasquez. Many thanks are due to them for their dedication and service to Crusaders and their families.

Stay tuned for more news about Family Engagement events!

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