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Parent Workshops Are a Success



Carolyn Beltran, Family Engagement coordinator for The College Crusade, reports that 112 families took advantage of our parent workshops this year. The workshops, which we provided in partnership with the University of Rhode Island, started last October and ran through this month. (See this post for more information about our parent workshops.)

Parents who completed the workshops received a letter of recognition from instructor Marilyn Martin, CFLE, an educator with URI’s Cooperative Extension Children, Youth & Families program.

The feedback we received from parents of Crusaders was enthusiastic and reflected their enriched perspectives on many important aspects of parenting. Participants said they learned more about how to listen to their child, how to approach discipline, how to keep communication open, how to find out about their child’s schoolwork, and how to help their child stay organized and positive about their lives. One parent summed it up: “The presenters were very knowledgeable. They did an excellent job!”

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