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Meet Our Families: Crystal, Hector & Gladys



Crystal is only in eighth grade at Paul Cuffee School in Providence, but she already has big dreams of studying medicine. Her big sister, who is also a Crusader, is in her third year at the University of Rhode Island, and Crystal hopes to follow in her footsteps.

Crystal’s parents, Hector and Gladys, have been part of The College Crusade family for over ten years. College affordability is a pressing issue for them, as it is for many families in Rhode Island, where students are graduating with an average of $32,920 in student loan debt, the fifth highest average in the nation. In addition to scholarship support, The College Crusade provides financial coaching for families, helping them discover ways to start saving early.

“The family workshops have given us a lot of advice on how to get financial aid and scholarships,” says Hector. “We’ve learned how to save money, how to help our daughter be a better student, and each time we come to a workshop we learn something new. The College Crusade has motivated us to help our kids reach goals in life that we could not.”


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