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Manny Munoz ’04


Manny Munoz ’04

manny munoz3Manny Munoz ’04 (Central Falls High School) graduated from Connecticut College in 2008 with a B.A. in Architectural Studies and Art. His choice of major was a very personal decision. “Growing up in a single-parent household, where common necessities were luxuries, my siblings and I never knew the stability of a home of our own,” says Manny. “We were constantly moving from one place to the next, so when I graduated high school I was determined to design and build the home we never had. I am also fascinated with architectural styles and the cultural stories behind them.”

After graduating from college, Manny accepted a teaching position with a charter school system in Houston called YES Prep Public Schools. He taught Art and coached wrestling, and he started his own company, called MultiMind Marketing. After five years, Manny moved back to Rhode Island and was employed as a developmental services worker, a social studies teacher, and a VP of operations and creative principal for an online media company that covers mixed martial arts in Rhode Island.

Currently, Manny is a Service Area Executive for the Narragansett Council Boy Scouts of America. “I manage a team of five individuals who deliver programs to urban scouts,” he says. “I help to create curriculum and streamline lesson planning and manage the Council’s recruitment and retention within our urban and at-risk areas. I also manage fundraising and create branding and social media strategy for our urban outreach program. Most importantly,” he adds, “I build relationships with individuals who are in a position to help the children within our communities who are all too often forgotten about.”

In his free time, Manny likes to create art, but free time is a little rare these days. “My job takes up most of my time,” he says, “and when I’m not working for the Boy Scouts I’m usually volunteering for them.”

As a Crusader, Manny participated in the SPIRIT program and went on college visits. He also took advantage of opportunities to prepare academically, and he appreciates receiving resources from the Crusade to prep for the SATs. He puts a high value on his college experience. “It was great meeting people from all over the country and building those relationships that last a lifetime,” he says.

Manny’s advice for Crusaders who are starting college in the fall is strong and wise: “Persist beyond measure,” he says. “Some might tell you that you have nothing to prove, but that’s a lie. You have everything to prove. Not only to yourself, but to the people who helped get you there. It won’t be easy. The journey toward success is littered with obstacles. Face them, head on. Learn from them and become better as a result. Your life and what you choose to do with it is your legacy.”

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