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It’s All About Your Choices



Last week, Crusaders in grades 9 and 10 spent two days of their school vacation investing in themselves. They were part of our popular Choices program, an interactive and experiential workshop that demonstrates how making good decisions today will pay off tomorrow. Choices includes topics such as time management, money management, goal planning, preparing for the workplace, the difference between needs and wants, and the importance of self-knowledge and self-discipline. Here are some of the things Crusaders say they learned:

  • I learned how to build good credit, never give up, keep making goals, and pursue happiness.
  • I learned how to talk to people I do not know.
  • I learned about money management, to do better in school, to get involved in more activities, to be open to meet people and try to build up my resume, and that everything in life is cause and effect.
  • I learned that I am who I choose to become.
  • I learned how to act during an interview, what goes on a resume, and about making good decisions now because they affect my future.
  • I learned how much it means to finish school and how much it takes to live comfortably.
  • I learned that the real world is something to take very seriously. Education = money.
  • I learned that the choices you make build your future, and the key to success is self-discipline.
  • I learned that I choose the outcome of my life. Also that every choice is important and needs to be thought out.
  • I learned that the choices I make affect what I do and what opportunities I have.
  • I learned that self-discipline influences your whole life and your choice to become somebody.
  • I learned that decisions determine your destiny.
  • I learned that dropping out isn’t the smart thing to do in life and if I ever do I will forever regret it.
  • I learned that every choice I make counts.
  • I learned how to manage my time wisely and how to plan ahead.
  • I learned that school/career is more important that I thought it was.
  • I learned that I have a lot of options to choose from.
  • I learned that self-discipline means knowing your priorities and knowing how to keep them straight.
  • I learned that I can have a dream, but to make it real I have to have a plan.

Thanks to Advisor Ralph Toribio for the great photos!


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