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How to Get Ahead: Participate



steve poueriet2The College Crusade is proud to congratulate 18 high school Crusaders who achieved the highest level of Crusade participation in their schools for fall 2014. They all received a certificate of recognition and a high honors pin!

At left is Steve Poueriet with College Crusade Advisor Kalomo Vanterpool from Hope High School. See below for photos of our other honorees: Noelya Batista, Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex; Jonathan Carrascoza-Perez, Mount Pleasant High School; Dennis Castillo, Woonsocket High School; Jan Cruz, Shea High School; Augusta Duncan, Times 2 Academy; Jennifer Fevry, Cranston High School East; Ambar Goris, Paul Cuffee High School; Hector Lantigua, Metropolitan Regional Career & Technical Center; Evelyn Lopez, Classical High School; Lesley McBurney, Central Falls High School; Ayda Sale, E-Cubed Academy; Kelvin Soares Santos, Tolman High School; and Fernando Tzoc, Central High School.

Congratulations also to Devon Dalomba of Davies Career Tech High School, Rochellie Hamilton Tapia of Providence Career & Technical Academy, Davila Jackley of Academy for Career Exploration, and Veronica Lopez of Jorge Alvarez High School, who were not available for a photo.

noelya batista2jonathan carrascoza-perez2dennis castillo2Jan Cruz2augusta duncan2jennifer fevry2

ambar goris2hector lantigua2evelyn lopez2lesley mcburney2 ayda sale2kevin soares santos2fernando tzoc2


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