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Hannah Alegbeleye ’09


Hannah Alegbeleye ’09 (Woonsocket High School) graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2013, earning a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. “I chose this field of study because I’ve always been a decent writer and the major allowed me to be flexible,” she says. “I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life at 18.” Hannah currently works in the Boston area as a Data Analyst for UC Synergetic, an engineering consultancy with offices nationwide.

“Besides getting your first real taste of freedom, college teaches you so much about yourself and the world which you thought you knew.”

Hannah has great memories of being part of the Crusade. “I loved my experience as a Crusader,” she says. “For one, I got to go through the program from third grade to twelfth grade with my childhood best friend, which gave us many memories and strengthened our bond. Second, I learned the art of communicating and socializing. You meet so many new kids (and adults). You’re shy, guarded, and awkward at first but over the years you come to find out you have much more in common and that you are all there for the same goal, to pursue higher education.”

She remembers one program in particular. “I really loved doing the CAAP programs during the school year and throughout the summer,” she says. “I didn’t mind waking up super early to take that bus ride because I got to do things like the ropes course and rock climbing, which I would have never done if not for the Crusade.”

She also remembers her Crusade Advisors. “I’m fortunate to have had so many wonderful Crusade Advisers throughout the years,” she says, “I would say the one who had the greatest impact on me was my Adviser in tenth and eleventh grades, Elizabeth Williams. I will forever be grateful to her for going above and beyond for me; from introducing me to Quinnipiac University on a Crusade college tour to actually getting to know me and my family. She gave me invaluable life advice, and I could not have asked for a better advisor/friend.”

For Hannah, the four years she spent in college represented a time of important personal growth. “Besides getting your first real taste of freedom, personally speaking, college teaches you so much about yourself and the world which you thought you knew,” she says. “These life lessons and experiences carry over into ‘the real world’ and help shape who you are.” She was also grateful to receive a College Crusade scholarship. “As we all know,” she says, “higher education is becoming quite expensive, so the scholarship definitely helped in alleviating the cost.”

Hannah has many different interests. “I love sports,” she says, “so in my free time you can catch me watching some sort of sporting event. I also enjoy cooking and crafting, so Pinterest has become my best friend. I also volunteer and teach Sunday School to kids aged 3-6.”

Her advice to high school Crusaders starting college in the fall goes right to the heart of the matter: “Keep a healthy balance of your work and social life. Don’t forget where you came from. Be grateful for the College Crusade experience. Remember that change is growth.”

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