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francy mata300Francy Mata
Jorge Alvarez High School ’15

College of the Holy Cross ’19
Economics/ Computer Science

“I was always into tech since I was a kid and would take apart my stuff. I was always into video games and computers. It’s such a huge part of my life. I was really attracted to the Computer Science major and am enjoying it now. Adding Economics to the major makes a lot of sense, so I am seeing where it leads.”

Graduated from: Jorge Alvarez High School. Campus involvement: Latin American Student Organization (LASO), track and field team, intramural basketball. How did the Crusade help you? “The Crusade familiarized me with the college experience. It was a big help to me in making a smooth transition.” Advice for high school Crusaders entering college: “The academic side of college can be challenging, but don’t forget to branch out and meet new people and discover all that college has to offer.” What resources do you seek for support and encouragement when you need it? “I talk to my academic advisor. She helps me when I’m feeling discouraged or stressed and helps me in many ways to be motivated.” Best college experience: Finishing his first year. “It was really tough, especially at the beginning of college, and it was really a testament to all the support I receive from those around me such as my family and the Crusade.” What song makes you happy when you hear it? “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” One thing you miss about being a kid: Watching cartoons and not feeling bad about it. What do you value most in life? “My own happiness, I feel like our purpose in life is to be happy and enjoy life.” What qualities do you value in a person? “Determination and work ethic. I admire people who are driven to accomplish something and succeed.” If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it? The Curious Life of Francy Mata. Travel story: “I went to the Dominican Republic four years ago. It was a lot of fun. I got to stay with family and go to many beaches and resorts.” Favorite quote: “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace,” Dali Lama.

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