Welcome to Our Postsecondary Program

Completing your college education has been a goal for you ever since you became a Crusader. You have worked hard to be ready for the challenge of higher education. As you embark on your postsecondary education and seek to earn a degree that will open exciting career opportunities, The College Crusade is still here to offer support and encouragement.

Postsecondary services for Crusaders:

  • Counseling
  • Transition support
  • FAFSA renewal and verification
  • Career exploration
  • Leadership development
  • Goal setting
  • Referrals to university/college resources
  • Workshops
  • Reenrollment supports

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Our College Advisors

Find your school below and click your Advisor’s name to see office hours and contact info:

Community College of Rhode Island, Flanagan Campus
(Lincoln) – Joshua Flanagan
Community College of Rhode Island, Liston Campus

(Providence) – Belisa Nunez
Rhode Island CollegeJacqueline Canola
University of Rhode Island and additional institutions by appointment – Eric Calogianes

If you attend a postsecondary institution in Rhode Island or outside of Rhode Island that is not on this list, please contact Maria Carvalho, Director of High School & Postsecondary Operations, at 401-519-0221 or to schedule an appointment. We are always ready to help!

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Postsecondary Spotlights

  • Daniel Rosario '15

    Daniel Rosario Classical High School ‘15 University of Rhode Island ’19 Cell & Molecular Biology, concentration in Microbiology Daniel Rosario, a junior at the University of Rhode Island majoring ...

  • Jennifer Kalbourji '14

    Jennifer Kalbourji ’14 Mount Holyoke College ’20 Psychology & Education I took a class in racism and inequalities in schools and society and it ignited a passion for ...

  • Ariel Davey '16

    Ariel Davey '16 Providence College ’20 Undecided I haven’t chosen a major yet because I haven't found one that I am 100% committed to. It is such a ...

  • Irving Liriano ’15

    Irving Liriano ’15 Rhode Island College ’19 Criminal Justice I chose Criminal Justice because I want to impact and make a difference in my communities through my work ...

  • Joel Galva '13

    Joel Galva '13 Rhode Island College ’17 Computer Science I chose Computer Science because I love computers, specifically computer software. To me, computer science is like architecture but ...

  • Jennifer Solares ’14

    Jennifer Solares ’14 Providence College ’18 Biology with a minor in Mathematics “I decided to declare my major in biology because I did some research before entering undergrad ...

  • Jessie Barrios ’14

    Jessie Barrios ’14 Providence College ’18 Biology My high school biology teacher was extremely passionate, and it was contagious. I wanted to be as excited about something as ...

  • Francy Mata '15

    Francy Mata '15 College of the Holy Cross '19 Economics/ Computer Science I was always into tech since I was a kid and would take apart my stuff. ...