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Elsie Palmieri ’07


Elsie Palmieri ’07

elsie palmieri2Elsie Palmieri ’07 (Hope High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2011 with a B.A. in Political Science and a double minor in African American Studies and Women’s Studies. She is currently working toward her M.Ed. in Education Administration from Providence College and is employed as an Education Advisor for a college access program that partners with Boston Public Schools. “I love interacting with children and mentoring,” she says. “Being able to bring children on field trips and show them that college is possible makes my career that much more meaningful.”

After graduating from URI, Elsie returned to The College Crusade and worked as a Middle School Advisor for two years. In her current position with Boston Public Schools, she was first located at East Boston High School for two years and has since transitioned to a position in a nearby middle school.

Elsie’s experiences as a Crusader provide her with a lot to draw on in her choice of career. “I remember always having an advisor to talk to and offer me various opportunities,” she says. “In high school the program helped me stay out of trouble. I remember going through a very rebellious stage during my teen years, but once I became a junior I wanted to shift my energy into more positive things. That was probably a time when the Crusade really helped me see the vision I had for my life, and it was vitally important for me at the time,” she adds. “I wasn’t alone – my Crusade mentor Kalomo really had my back. He helped me so much with understanding the college process and really navigating it. The Crusade gave me a safe place to blossom.”

In college, Elsie found even more room to grow. She was able to study abroad, traveling to Cape Verde and the Dominican Republic. “College really empowered me to embrace the person I was becoming,” she says. “I noticed this when my vocabulary started changing as well as the way I looked at the world, and everything began to differ. Another really positive thing for me was being more socially aware of my surroundings. There is no price one can pay for such a lifelong awareness and open mindedness that comes from going to college, graduating and having this in-depth knowledge.”

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