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Draw Your Career Character



Crusaders participating in our High School Transition program this summer are preparing to make the big step to 9th grade in the fall. For two straight weeks, they are studying math every morning and spending their afternoons in teamwork and leadership exercises. On Wednesday afternoon, they collaborated in small groups to create “career characters.”

Here’s how you do it: draw a head and a body, then add drawings of objects that represent the career you hope to pursue. Inside the body, write words that describe positive characteristics for your group. Outside the body, write words that describe negative qualities that you want to avoid. The catch is, everybody has to work on the same drawing together. What you get is a super-fantastical composite wonder-figure that looks a little crazy… but it works!

High School Transition continues through this week and next week at Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence. Here are more characters they created:


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