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Crusaders Sparkle at Awards Nights



2015 honors night awards CFHS v2

Honors and awards were piled high for high school Crusaders from Central Falls and Pawtucket this spring. Above, holding just some of the certificates of recognition they received at Honors Night at Central Falls High School are (left to right) Jonathan Loaiza, Lesley McBurney, Andrew Terrero, Aura Hernandez, Helen Magana, Jessica McMaugh,Gina Mendoza, Sebastian Zuleta, and Sharil Deleon.

At graduation, these three Crusade seniors received additional honors:

Superintendent’s Award: Lesley McBurney
Awarded to the student who combines athletic ability, academic consistency, and a winning personality.

Principal’s Warrior Award: Andrew Terrero
Presented to the student whose unselfish efforts on behalf of CFHS demonstrate pride in both the community and the school.

Ivan Perez Award: Sebastian Zuleta
Awarded to the student entering the armed forces who, as Ivan did, possesses the qualities of patriotism, bravery, and self-sacrifice.

2015 honors Tolman juniors v2

Above, the following Crusaders from Tolman High School were inducted into the National Honor Society: (left to right) Gabriel Cumplido, Pape Amadou Male, Pape Momar Male, Elise-Monet King, and Cassandra Lima. (Not pictured is Ashley Diaz.)

Congrats to everyone!


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