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Crusader Siblings Chosen



Brian and Stephanie Estrada, who attend Mount Pleasant High School, joined a special leadership seminar sponsored by Raytheon Company at their school this year. Called Negotiations for Leaders, the program provided seven weeks of instruction in the principles and tactics of good deal making. A negotiation specialist from Raytheon was the instructor. Only ten students from Mount Pleasant were chosen for the program, based on their attendance, grades, and extracurricular activities, so these two honor roll Crusaders deserve a big congratulations for their accomplishment!

Brian, in grade 11, and Stephanie, in grade 9, enjoyed themselves. “We learned the five pillars of respect for better communication with the other party,” explained Brian. “At the end, they had a car salesman come in from Metro Honda, and we negotiated buying a car.”

“I was nervous and a little shy at first,” says Stephanie, “but we learned how to research all the prices and be prepared.”

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