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Crusader News: Joanly Gomez



Attends: Paul Cuffee Middle School, grade 8. She just won: A 2018 ARTS Scholarship Award from the Providence Performing Arts Center for her self-portrait, below at left. How she made her portrait: “I had a picture taken of myself and then used a grid to transfer it onto paper.” What she will do with her scholarship: Enroll in RISD’s Young Artist Program this summer. Courses she will take: Drawing and Fashion Design. “I want to learn more about drawing and get better at it. The fashion course will be fun because I’ve never done it.” Why she likes art: “I like expressing myself through art rather than talking. I would rather show than tell.” Favorite art-making materials: Pencil and paper. Multimedia. Other favorite subjects: Humanities. Reading and writing. Latest favorite book: The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, by Jenn Bennett. Favorite College Crusade program so far: Crusade Adventure & Academic Program (CAAP). About her College Crusade advisor: “He has good afterschool activities, like College Bingo.” About being a Crusader: “I am always meeting new people and making new friends. And I like that I will have the opportunity to get help paying for college.” Other recent achievements this year: She took a class in Digital Photography at New England Institute of Technology as part of the Advanced Coursework Network. To earn: College credit. And: She got into Classical High School for next year.



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