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Crusade Parent Appreciation Night



On May 29, we honored 28 dedicated parents of Crusaders for high participation in our Family Engagement workshops, Family Forums, and Khan Academy trainings this year. We thanked them for their involvement and for supporting their Crusaders’ academic and career goals. We are very grateful for the leadership they have shown in our Family Engagement programs. Each parent received a certificate of appreciation and an honors pin, and then everyone sat down to a special dinner together!

Parents who received awards were: Angelica Aguinaga, Arnaldo Aldana, Yesenia Alfaro, Marcelino Batista, Felicitas Camacho, Maria Carias, Elvia Carrillo, Domingas Dalomba, Lely DeLaCruz, Esmeralda Fuentes, Felicitas Hernandez, Julieta Hernandez, Maria Hernandez, Hedwige Hiralien, Pei Huang, Nelly Gomez, Amelia Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalves, Sucely Gudiel, Josefina Lopez, Paola Lopez, Juana Madera, Flora Molina, Patricia Molina, Maria Sen-Hernandez, Xiao Tan, Carmen Rangel, and Aura Zapeta.


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