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Lauren Schechtman
Director of Middle School Operations
401-854-5500 ext 114

Middle School Advisors

Jasmine Rivas Corado
401-854-5500 ext 223

Elaine De La Rosa
401-854-5500 ext 235

Brian Estrada
401-854-5500 ext 220

Anthony Fortes
401-854-5500 ext 233

Manuela Garcia
401-854-5500 ext 226

Jocelyne Hernandez
401-854-5500 ext 286

Kayla Lopes
401-854-5500 ext 231

Victor Montanez
401-854-5500 ext 225

Harry Moore
401-854-5500 ext 224

Linda Reyes
401-854-5500 ext 228

Jennifer Scotti
401-854-5500 ext 227

Kimberly Tovar
401-854-5500 ext 229

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