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Chanravy Proeung ’04


chanravy proeung2Chanravy Proeung ’04 (Classical High School) earned a B.S in the Science of Nursing from Rhode Island College in 2009. “I chose this particular career because I love working with people and science,” she says. “There is also something about helping people heal that is amazing.”

Throughout her college years, Chanravy worked part-time for The College Crusade as an instructor and mentor for Crusaders. Currently she is Human Rights Organizer for the 1Love Movement, a grassroots organization based in Philadelphia that is mobilized to address national and local criminal justice and immigration policy. Previously she worked as National Organizer for the Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) and as Executive Director of the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), where she served in leadership for four years. Chanravy is a 2014 FIHRE (Fighting Injustice Through Human Rights Education) fellow with the U.S. Human Rights Network, and she served on the coordinating committee of the Grassroots Asian Pacific Islander Rising Network for Racial Justice.

Most recently, Chanravy was named a 2015 Soros Justice Fellow by the Open Society Foundations. She also received the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award from The College Crusade in recognition of her professional accomplishments and commitment to giving back to the community.

Chanravy’s college experience was different from that of many other people. “I am a young mother,” she says. “By the time I was a freshmen in college, I had a one-year-old to raise. I worked a lot to support my daughter, but I was able to have her on campus with me. There was a cooperative preschool that provided day care on campus in exchange for the student’s time, which was a life saver. It allowed me to spend time with my daughter in-between classes and still be in school. What’s better than taking naps with your kid in the middle of the day!”

Another thing that helped her get through school was the College Crusade scholarship. “To be honest, if I hadn’t received the scholarship, I would have had more issues staying in school,” she says. “Even though students receive grants and loans, the scholarship helped alleviate tons of financial stress around paying school tuition. I am grateful and deeply appreciative to have The College Crusade support my education throughout college because otherwise I would not be where I am.”

As a Crusader, Chanravy remembers getting help from her high school Advisor with college applications and obtaining fee waivers for applications and tests. But her most memorable experiences happened after she graduated from high school, when she became a part-time program staff/mentor for The College Crusade. “It was a great experience and allowed me to develop skills in working with youth from middle school to high school,” she says. “Now I see the youth I have worked with all over Providence. Every now and then I get to go back and speak to Crusaders about my career.”

In her free time, Chanravy likes to spend time with her daughter and the rest of her family members. “I like to do mini-dates with my daughter,” she says. “My family and I go on adventures from rock climbing to hiking. We try to stay active. I love to travel and read.”

Chanravy offers wise advice to high school Crusaders starting college in the fall. “The most important thing to do is take care of your health – your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health,” she says. “College can be very intense and sometimes drives you crazy because of the workload. Have fun, but also take care of yourself. It’s very important to achieving your goal.”

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