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CAAP Is Where It’s At



CAAP (Crusade Adventure & Academic Program) is a ten-week, high-intensity program designed to build self-esteem and confidence in Crusaders by having them take part in problem-solving tasks, group challenges and risk-taking adventures. It also includes a writing component. CAAP mentors and Crusaders took a few minutes recently to share their thoughts about what they do at CAAP each week:

“I love having the opportunity to inspire and positively change a Crusader’s perspective by being their mentor for 8 hours a week. Their growth from the first week to the last is amazing and they will forever be a part of my family.” – Katherine McPhillips, mentor

“Being a mentor means being a strong and positive role model because not all kids have a good example to look up to.” – Malik Garcia, mentor

“I create an environment where determination and teamwork are essential to success.” – Luis Rodriguez, mentor

“I love being a Crusader because they teach me how to work as a team.” – Lizmarie Almonte

“Being a Crusader feels great, like they are my family. It’s great being a Crusader.” – Samantha Read

“I think of my CAAP mentors as cool and chill people.” – Aniebiet Okon

This fall, Saturday CAAP is running two program sites at Roger Williams Middle School, and each site has 50 Crusaders. To find out how much Crusader energy our CAAP mentors and staff are able to direct into productive teamwork and leadership activities every week, just do the math!

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