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Brian Estrada ’09


Brian Estrada ’09

brian-estrada150Brian Estrada ‘09 (Mount Pleasant High School) graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2013 with a B.S. in Business Information Systems Analysis and a Concentration in Graphic Design and Digital Media. “I chose my major because I enjoy technology and analytical thinking, and as a systems analyst that is what you do,” he says. “As a systems analyst I have to detect problems, generate plans and solutions, recommend software and systems, and make sure to meet the business’s budget and technical requirements. I also concentrated in graphic design because it was a way to express my love for art. Since I can’t draw well, I make art through the Adobe Suite.”

Brian currently works for The College Crusade as our Middle School Mobile Advisor, providing guidance and support to help Crusaders stay focused on their academic and personal achievement. “I enjoy working at The College Crusade because I have the opportunity to interact with a variety of children and become a bridge to their success,” he says. Before joining us as an Advisor, Brian was employed at South Providence Neighborhood Ministries as a Youth Program Assistant.

Brian’s career as a Crusader was filled with notable achievements, especially his experience as a participant in a Youth Leadership Summit in San Francisco that was sponsored by the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP). Brian represented Rhode Island as one of only 30 students selected nationwide to attend. “My experience as Crusader was great,” he says. “The organization provided an extensive amount of college awareness, which helped me better prepare and know what I wanted in the future and what college/university fit my interest best. The staff is amazing, and they all work hard to make Crusaders feel engaged and enjoy all the programs that are offered.”

Brian is also thankful for the Crusade Advisor he had in high school. “There was one Crusade staff member who made a major impact in my life and future, and who continues to, and that is Dwayne Clement,” he says. “He has been there step-by-step, guiding my college process and watching me succeed. He helped me develop in areas that I didn’t know I was interested in and helped me flourish. He was a great mentor and friend. I am always thankful for him believing in me and knowing that I was capable of achieving great things.” Brian and Dwayne’s friendship has entered a new phase, now that they are colleagues as Crusade Advisors.

Brian highlights two important elements of his college experience. “I would have to say that my professors offered insights that were and still are of great use to me,” he says. “I also appreciated the opportunities that my school provided to gain work and/or volunteer experience, which helps prepare you for the real world.” Brian’s College Crusade scholarship also made a difference. “Trust me, it came in very helpful and made a major impact on what I owe back and on the extra resources I was able to acquire throughout the scholarship,” he says.

Brian has a lot going on in his life. He donates time to his church, managing the Multimedia department and the Youth ministry. “I also enjoy reading books and comic books, and I play quarterback on Monday nights to keep active,” he says. “But I dedicate most of my free time to my son, Jared. I enjoy every minute I am able to spend with him.”

What would Brian recommend to Crusaders starting college in the fall? “The best advice I can provide to a high school student entering college is to FOCUS, GET INVOLVED, MAKE LASTING FREINDSHIPS, and NETWORK,” he says. “College is an open door to endless opportunities.”

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