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Ariel Davey ’16



Ariel Davey
Shea High School ’16

Providence College ’20

“I haven’t chosen a major yet because I haven’t found one that I am 100% committed to. It is such a huge step to take that I am thoroughly examining all my avenues before making such a momentous decision.”

Graduated from: Shea High School. Campus involvement: “I am part of Shepard, a club that meets once a month to discuss rights for the LGBT community. I am also in a peer ministry group, where we come together and discuss God.” What she is up to this summer: Working for the Spirit Educational Summer Program as a teacher’s assistant. Working for the physical plant at Providence College. Advice for high school Crusaders entering college: “Don’t walk in the first day of class with the attitude that college is going to be far more difficult than high school. You can adapt to it if you take it one day at a time.” Where do you want to be 5 years from now? “I want to be working in a big city like Boston or New York. I see myself working in some capacity to improve my community.” What does being successful mean to you? Not only taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and financially but doing so for your family as well. What song makes you happy when you hear it? “Rich Love” by One Republic. One thing you miss about being a kid: “Going to breakfast with my dad every Saturday morning.” What do you value most in life? Family, education, and having a good support system. What qualities do you value in a person? “I value people who are trustworthy, calm, fun, and adventurous.” Favorite quote: “I am motivated by the fear of being average,” Asad Meah.

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