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Andersen Deossa ’09


Andersen Deossa ’09

andy deossa2Andersen Deossa ’09 (Tolman High School) graduated from Suffolk University with a B.S. in Journalism in 2013.  “I chose journalism as my major because it was a way for me to use my passion for sports and bring it to the next level,” Andy says. “During high school I knew that I enjoyed writing. After graduating high school I learned that I enjoyed writing a lot more than I had expected.”

Andy truly enjoyed his college experience, especially the opportunity to study in the city of Boston.  “The city is perfect,” he says. “Not too far from home, and not too close. There are so many schools in the area that it’s nearly impossible not to make friends and connections. Boston opened my eyes to so many aspects of life and pushed me to interact with people from different backgrounds and places. And of course there are all the great sports.”

Andy’s first job as a journalist was to work as a Sports Correspondent for the Boston Globe. “I got to cover a full year of high school sports all around the state of Massachusetts, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, field hockey, golf, swimming, etc.,” he says. “I did a little bit of everything, and it was an absolutely great experience. Not only did it teach me journalistic skills, it gave me great insight on how the whole industry works while connecting me with many individuals. It was me living one of my long-term dreams on a smaller scale: travel while covering sports.”

Currently Andy works as an Assistant Editor for Digital Media at ESPN. “I started off editing content for ESPN’s major mobile applications, adding new stories, videos, and updating live scores,” he says. “I am now on the WatchESPN team, where I help out with programming and social media and work on a video syndication project.” For Andy, being an ESPN employee and meeting well-known athletes, celebrities, and sports news anchors is more about living the dream.

Andy sees a big connection between his experience as a Crusader and what he has been able to accomplish in his life so far. “The Crusade program was huge for me through school,” he says. “I was always very involved, trying to persuade my peers to go to the after school programs because they were beneficial. Besides the guidance in school and help searching for colleges, being a Crusader and having all these advisors always gave me someone to talk to. For me, it was even more special because I was part of the student advisory board in middle school and high school. That was where I made a lot of my Crusade friends, and the experience helped me shift my focus toward education and taught me how to be a young leader and a team member. All of those advisors that were part of my middle school and high school CAB made a difference in my life,” he continues. “They know who they are. The conversations we would have during meetings, or the advice they gave during our activities, is something that will always remain in my mind.”

When Andy has an opportunity to volunteer as a career speaker for Crusaders, he often runs into some of the same advisors whom he knew as a young student. “Reminiscing about those days brings a smile to my face,” he says. “I enjoy every moment and am extremely excited to share with them my story from college to now and where I am working, because every single one of them inspired me and helped me get there.”

He offers this important advice for Crusaders starting college: “Take advantage of every single opportunity. In the end it should be all about what you want your college experience to be and what you did to make it that way. It’s life changing, so take time to step back and put all your new knowledge into perspective. Grow as an intellectual. Don’t be afraid to fail. You’ll have your ups and downs, but that’s all part of the experience. Take risks. Aim high. Stay humble.”

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