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Featured Alumni – Spring 2018

Alyssia Ramos ’05

Alyssia Ramos ’05 (Classical High School) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2010 with a Bachelor in Social Work degree. “I picked social work because I wanted a profession that allowed me to help individuals and families,” she says. “I wanted a profession that helped me be a useful and productive citizen.”

Alyssia’s long-term goal was to earn her LICSW certification. She started with a BSW from RIC and then received a MSW from Boston University in 2015. “I picked Boston University for its respected MSW program. My focus in the program was clinical practice. This allowed me to prepare as a clinician to have various skills, such as completing assessments and providing treatment.”

While she was in graduate school, Alyssia completed coursework and passed a certification exam in behavior analysis (BCaBA). She is now pursuing an M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis at Salve Regina University. “This will allow me to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst,” she says. “Although I am a social worker, my approach is a behaviorist one. Completing a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis would allow me to further develop my clinical skills.”

Alyssia is currently employed at Family Behavior Solutions as Director of Outpatient Services. Her responsibilities include program development (e.g., therapeutic assessments and curricula), psychotherapy for individuals, families and groups, clinical supervision, and administrative tasks. She works with people of various ages, diagnoses, and needs.

“I enjoy my profession because it gives me the opportunity to help individuals and families,” she says. “I also enjoy the autonomy, the diversity of tasks, and the ability to be creative. I might spend most of one day inputting and analyzing data, while the next I spend in direct contact with individuals with various needs. I also provide clinical supervision for cases receiving home-based services.” Her specialties include working with those with challenging high-risk behaviors, those with co-occurring intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness, and parent/caregiver training and support.

Higher education has made it possible for Alyssia to build a solid foundation for achieving her career objectives. “The best things about my college experiences were my field/practicum placements,” she says. “As an undergrad at RIC, I worked at clinic that provided discharge planning and aftercare for individuals with at the Adult Correctional Institute. As a graduate student at BU, I worked at a psychiatric hospital for children who were both inpatient and in a residential setting. My experiences allowed me to have first-hand experience working with various populations.”

In her free time, Alyssia likes to be creative. She makes jewelry and paints and spends time with her family and pets.

She has this advice for Crusaders starting college in the fall: “Try to identify your long-term and short-term goals with school. Find hobbies that can help you get through the first year of college. Make use of the ability to take classes on subjects you don’t know much about or are curious about. And enjoy your time. While you’re in it, college feels endless, but when you graduate you’ll realize how quickly the experience has gone by.”


Shinbey Vue ’12

Shinbey Vue ’12 (Classical High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Islandin 2016 with a B.S. in Accounting. “I chose accounting because of how diverse the field is, and because prior to college I was very good with numbers and analyzing data,” he says. “Accounting is very versatile. Companies in every industry are always in need of accountants to record their books and keep their financials secure and safeguarded. Accounting is also a steady and stable career and can open doors to professions such as public accountant, private accountant, tax accountant, auditor, financial analyst, etc. I believe that choosing accounting has benefited me in many ways careerwise.”

Shinbey is employed as an Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers at their Boston Office in their Assurance/Audit practice. “My primary clients are in the Health Sciences industry,” he says. “As an Assurance Associate, I work to ensure that a company’s financial statements are accurately presented and that all of their financials are free of any risk or fraud.”

Shinbey has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, research companies, and hospitals, and often travels to the client location. “I have traveled to multiple cities and towns in Massachusetts, as well as worked in Rhode Island for a client,” he says. “The furthest place I have traveled to is Wisconsin. What I like about being an Assurance Associate at PwC is that you are always learning on the job. I learn something every day, which keeps it interesting.”

For Shinbey, the best part of college was getting to know people. “I met so many friends during my college career that will be friends for a lifetime,” he says. “You get to surround yourself with likeminded people, people of all colors, backgrounds, and interests. You can network with so many professionals, including employers and professors. Expanding my horizons and opening myself to others to build connections and relationships made a huge impact on my college experience. Being independent and living on my own was also a plus,” he adds. “I enjoyed living away and being able to learn to support myself financially and mentally.”

Shinbey’s experience as a Crusader prepared him to make the most of college. “Being a member of The College Crusade has helped me in numerous ways,” he says. “Ever since joining the organization in third grade, I gained the skills to be a leader, to be a mentor, and to be confident within myself. I remember going to the Saturday Cru Clubs and participating in college workshops and going on college tours. My favorite program was the CAAP adventure education program, which I attended in the eighth grade.” After graduating from URI, Shinbey came back to work for The College Crusade as a CAAP mentor for a year before starting full time at PwC.

“The College Crusade helped me come out of my shell,” he says. “I was always a shy person, but being a Crusader allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and be a team player and a well-rounded person.”

In his free time, Shinbey likes to volunteer and contribute to his community. This past year, he provided income tax services to low-income families and individuals and free tax-preparation services through the Volunteer Income Tax Program, or VITA. He also volunteers every year with the Rhode Island Academic Decathlon held at the Community College of Rhode Island, providing speech judging and student support. “I am also an avid foodie,” he says. “I love to try out new restaurants in town and try out all the food joints. I am culturally appreciative of all sorts of food.”

Here are Shinbey’s recommendations for Crusaders starting college in the fall: “Set deadlines and prioritize what needs to be prioritized. In college, no one will be chasing you down to finish an assignment. To be successful in college, you need to be responsible. Enjoy your time but be smart about it. Be proactive. Use your college education to your advantage and get the most out of it. Join clubs to network with people, and build solid relationships with your professors and colleagues. You never know how they might help you in the future.”

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