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How much does it cost to be a member of The College Crusade?
There is no cost to the parent or student.

Does The College Crusade provide students with transportation to its programs?
We provide transportation for students to our programs from centrally located bus stops.

What if my child wants to apply but isn’t in grade 6?
Students can apply for membership in The College Crusade in grade 6 only. If your child is in grade 5, he or she can apply next year. If your child is in grade 7, it is too late to apply.

Will participation in The College Crusade impact my child’s grades in school?
Our research shows that participation in College Crusade programs will improve your child’s academic performance.

Do parents have to participate in programs?
Yes, parents are expected to attend a minimum of two parent workshops every year.

Will you be adding more schools to your list? What if I don’t live in one of the cities you serve?
Currently we have no plan to add additional partner schools. If your child does not reside in one of the six cities we serve, your child is not eligible to apply for admission.

What happens if my child joins The College Crusade but changes schools in a couple of years to one that is not on your list?
Crusaders who transfer in the future to another school in Rhode Island that is not on our list will be assigned a mobile advisor.

What happens if we move?
Please contact your child’s College Crusade advisor or our main office right away if there are any changes to your child’s school, your address, or your phone or email.  If you move outside of Rhode Island, your family will not be able to continue participating.

Why does The College Crusade start in grade 6 — why can’t we join later?
Our experience over many years shows that grade 6 is the ideal time to start working with students to begin preparing for college.

What legal or financial documents do I need to provide to you?
 The following documents are required to apply for admission:

  • Student birth certificate
  • Copy of your SNAP letter or a letter from your child’s school to confirm free or reduced priced lunch
  • Student report card (final report card from grade 5)
  • Student personal statement (a paragraph of 3-4 sentences) written by your child
  • Proof of address in Central Falls, Cranston, Providence, Pawtucket, West Warwick or Woonsocket (current utility bill is an example)

How will I know if my child is accepted to The College Crusade?
Once your child’s application is completed and accepted, you will receive an invitation to attend a parent and student orientation, where you will be officially accepted into our program.

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