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2010 Senior Jackeline Cano



Graduating this year from: Blackstone Academy. Favorite subject: Science. “I like to make things.” Last thing she made: A Rube Goldberg contraption for feeding goldfish. Senior project: Cross-cultural study of special-needs education, based on research she did at an orphanage in Jaipur, India. Recent accomplishment: Traveling to India on her own as a volunteer with ShakeHands (www.volunteersindia.org). Recent challenge: “Balancing being captain of the swim team with keeping my grades up.” Her stroke: Freestyle sprint. Favorite Crusade program: Bridge to Success at Roger Williams University. She went twice. “It was really fun meeting new people and staying over on campus. It made me feel more like an adult.” Plans to attend: Clark University, Quinnipiac University, or Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Advice for Crusaders entering high school: Work hard, do a lot of activities, stay balanced, give it your all and more.” What she looks for in a friend: Trust. “Someone who accepts me for myself and gets my sarcastic jokes.” Someone who cares about things. Biggest unknown about college: “The whole thing! I’m not sure what’s ahead of me. It’s all new.” Serious dream job: Orthodontist. “I love teeth.” Fantasy dream job: Dolphin trainer. What she does for fun: Playing drums in a band with friends. Swimming, soccer, bike riding, going to the beach. Not to mention: Zip lining in Guatemala.


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