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2010 Senior Bruce Reis



Graduating this year from: Blackstone Academy. Favorite subject: History, especially Greek and Roman civilization. “I like learning about the past and people’s heritage and culture.” Senior project: Collaborating with friends to establish a music label called Forever Legend. His responsibility: The creative end. Mix tapes, logo, web site. Recent accomplishment: A research paper on how to be a successful businessperson, complete with business plan. Recent challenge: Keeping his life as a hip-hop musician alive while working and going to school. “I’ve been writing lyrics since I was nine and recording since I was fourteen.” Heroes: Michael Jackson and Nas. Favorite Crusade program: Crusade Adventure & Academic Program. Also: The summer Spirit program. “I like how it ties academics to community service. It’s more meaningful.” College plans: “Either Xavier University to study political science, or the University of Bridgeport to study the music business.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” Biggest unknown about college: “Am I going to be happy spending four years here?” What he looks for in a friend: Loyalty and trust. Dream job: A career as a recording hip-hop artist with his own label. “I want to influence people with my music in a direction that motivates them in their lives.” What he values: Artistic freedom. What he does for fun: Hanging out with friends, making music.


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